A week of speedwriting

Last week I spent writing four full tracks in a span of five days. All in genres that I never wrote in. That was a completely new experience for me.

For a little bit of context – I recently decided to try and find projects that would push me into new frontiers in my composing. Especially when the projects is pro bono, helping out a student or a passionate teenage game dev.

This strategy sent me on a collision course with a wonderfully talented young man that needed a couple of tracks for his passion project, a grafitti painting simulator. The idea is absolutely outside of the box for me and it was an incredibly fun endeavor to embark on.

In the end I wrote three early-rap tracks, inspired by 70-80s hip hop, and a Linkin Park-esque song that was surprisingly difficult to emulate.

My biggest take from this project is the observation of how time constraints propel you forward. I mean, everybody always talks about that, but having an opportunity to feel that yourself makes you appreciate it more. In that short time I had to learn new techniques that I never used, understand the core principles of the genre and then write and produce the tracks. There are projects where having abundance of time would be amazing, but I think what I saw with the grafitti game is that

at some point in your artistic life, when you know you’re not feeling very confident with your abilities in a certain area, not having time to second-guess every decision allows you to finish the project.

Of course that only applies and bears fruit when you have a functioning standards that you use to assess the effects of your work at a later stage. All I mean to say by that is very often our worst enemy is the criticizing part of our inner voice.

Or at least for me 😉

PS The client really like the songs🙌🏻